1. The article must meet the technical and editorial requirements of the editorial office.
  2. Then, it is assessed in terms of merit by the thematic editor and the editorial board. It must also fit into the journal profile.
  3. All articles are subject to linguistic consultation. Before starting an external review, a recommendation is made by a language editor (native speaker or a person with appropriate education).
  4. In the event of linguistic errors in the articles, the correction and suggestion for corrections is made by the editor of the foreign language.
  5. After taking the language corrections into account, the article is forwarded to two external reviewers from the list on the website, from outside the research unit affiliated by the author of the publication. The review procedure is underway maintaining the anonymity of the author and reviewers (double-blind review process).
  6. Reviews are in writing and end with the approval or rejection of the publication. Articles that require correction are sent to the authors for proofreading along with the comments of reviewers. In the case of one or two negative reviews, the article is not approved for publication. Reviews are archived by the Publisher.
  7. The list of cooperating reviewers is published on the journal's website once a year.